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    What is "Sustainable Fashion?" There are many ways to define it, but to me, it is an umbrella term that describes a commitment to eco-friendly, green, fair trade, ethical, socially responsible business practices that endure for generations, and helps make our world a better place. Some see sustainable fashion as separate from ethical fashion or eco-friendly fashion - ultimately, they all embrace the philosophy of "do no harm."

    My apparel is created in an environmentally responsible manner, which means making use of at least in some part recycled materials, recycling wherever possible, not wasting water, and making use of renewable energy. 

    The two manufacturers we prefer to source apparel from are Bella+Canvas and Gildan, as they exemplify the high standards I've set for MerchOwl. They are also well-respected for their eco-friendly practices and for treating their employees well. Learn more about Bella+Canvas here. Gildan owns the Anvil brand we use for some of our women's shirts - you can read about their sustainable business practices here.

    Furthermore, my designs are all printed at a production facility which uses only eco-friendly, water-based inks. This facility also practices sustainable methods, including recycling, energy conservation and maintaining a paperless corporate office.

    As technology advances, so will my ability to source even better fabrics made of alternative materials (we'd love to fit hemp textiles into our business model) and using a higher percentage of recycled fibers. That is our current goal.

    Thank you for your support. 🙏🌎👕♻️❤️😊

    ~ Bryan Gosselin ~
    Owner/Designer of MerchOwl brand apparel